Private 1 on 1 Training is Great For:

  • In-Home Adoption Training to Help Dog Settle Faster
  • Basic and Advanced Obedience
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen Instructor/Trainer
  • Dog Core Training
  • Recall in Different Situations
  • Impulse Control

Behavior Consultation is Great For:

  • Rehab of Reactive Dogs
  • Evaluation of Reactive Dogs

Tracking Classes are Great For:

  • Tracking for Kids
  • Tracking for Fun
  • Search and Rescue

Service Dog Training is Great For:

  • PTSD Service Dog Training
  • Task Oriented Service Training
  • Diabetic Warning

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Advanced obedience. Learning Basic Tracking, Learning Basic Protection

Basic Obedience, Basic Tracking

Environmental socialization, Advanced Obedience

Environmental Socialization Obedience

Loose leash walking.
9 week old Puppy learning watch me.
Staying with watch me
Game play engagement. Walking backwards as you ask the dog to come.
Puppy practicing balance with cue Touch

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