Adopt Our Fosters

Adopt Our Fosters


Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. By taking an animal in need into your home, you are giving that dog a chance to recover from whatever circumstances landed them in the shelter while freeing up much-needed space in the shelter system. This time between leaving the shelter and adoption awards dogs the time they need to learn new skills, relearn the routine of living in a home, and to recover from any health issues they may be experiencing in a safe, comfortable environment.

Some foster dogs have never lived indoors, so a good place to start with your new foster dog is revisiting house and kennel training. Placing them on a routine schedule helps the dogs adjust to their new surroundings and gives them stability that may have been lacking in their former environment. Once they are more relaxed and familiar with you and your home, basic obedience work can strengthen your bond and also help with the reinforcement of boundaries and general manners. One-on-one training with your foster dog, even if they are already familiar with obedience, can help open up a shy timid dog, assist a reactive dog to better adapt to unfavorable stimuli, or help an over-exuberant dog learn to focus.

Foster families are the ones who get to know the dogs best, and they can be great advocates for them during the adoption process. Lessons learned during their time in foster will continue to serve them in their forever home, and that foundation is invaluable to ensure that dogs are able to be placed successfully.

Adoptable Fosters

These fosters are available at American Brittany Rescue. Check out our list of rescues below for all local dogs in need of a home. You never know when your Furever furbaby is there waiting for you.

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